Montreal-based drummer and composer Kyle Hutchins has a musical sensibility that is impressionistic and bittersweet, informed by jazz greats such as Paul Motian and Thelonious Monk as well as minimalist visionaries Steve Reich and Morton Feldman. His trio uses moody, skeletal songs as a basis for improvised dramatic storytelling, where each musician has equal say in guiding the narrative flow. Hutchins' drums embody the forces of nature; unpredictable, effusive, and often stormy.

He has performed and recorded with Run and Hide, Lawful Citizen, Scott Bevins, Alistair Blu, CARRTOONS, Common Holly, Smileswithteeth, Itamar Gov-Ari, Natalia Ice, Paul Morrison, and many more. 








June 26 

with The DeiCont/ Phillips Collective and Evan Shay

Resonance Cafe Montreal QC

July 5 

Kyle Hutchins Trio

Resonance Cafe Montreal QC

July 6 

with The Aimé Duquet Quartet

Resonance Cafe Montreal QC



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